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how to quote a web page in a newspaper 5

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An online magazine is a website that regularly publishes new material with a magazine title or other title but does not publish a print edition. An online magazine is not the same as an online version of a magazine, which is also published in print..


If you are unsure whether a particular text should be considered public or private, we recommend that you consult the original author before quoting it in your work. As the following categories overlap, they can help you decide when more attention is needed to avoid invading privacy. Internet-based versions of resources that also appear in print are usually safe to cite because most print publishers are concerned about protecting copyright before publication. Public websites are usually safe to quote.

As with other movie and video formats, the rules for quoting videos online are less strict than those for print or other online sources. A link to a video clip that was first posted online usually attributes the clip to the person who posted it online. A video that was first published elsewhere before being posted online is usually attributed to the person most responsible for creating it – the director or performers..

For more information, see Movie and Video Quote Formats, and Television, Radio, or Music Video. When using a blog that identifies with a larger magazine or organization, follow the tips given for these general resources..

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